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Posted: March 4, 2012 in Risk Management, Trades
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Writing 9 16mar12 36.0 calls in the morning on my 900 shares at 32.43, easy money for me

This week was a good one, I did some things Im not proud of, like going crazy on some Naked Calls but luckly, well it was all luck, my research showed it was solid but it was way outside my comfort zone, so don’t expect me to do much of this again. Ok a summary of what happened, ZNGA earnings were not positive, but then they stated they are going to possibly start publishing so that counteracted the decline which gave me more room for profit. ONTY acted exactly as expected although I didn’t get called out which was disappointing I still made hard cold cash for the month, and expect to close this position probably before Mar expiration hits. VVUS is a cash cow for me right now, I went naked on 20 contracts for Feb and banked an easy $785 on that alone, plus the covered call VVUS ended up giving me $885 this month, so it was a large percentage of my winnings. Im pretty much set up for next month already and will just be trading to scalp any profit and weeklys on GLD, and SLV.


Original Price

Premiums Rec



Upcoming (Mar)


















$80 (24Feb)












$35 (24Feb)






$25 (ITM)







I’ll get more in depth tommarow, but it was awesome, check my portfolio to see.

IAU was allready in my long term portfolio so for some extra income I just sold 1 mar 18 strike call.  ZNGA earnings were 5 cents a share, above some analysts expectations, but is dropping huge after hours.  No sweat off my back I’ll earn long term on this one if need be that’s what’s great about Covered calls Ill earn income on it in the mean time short or long term.  Went naked on ONTY.  With 5 17FEB12. 12 calls for a premium of .20 each getting me about 95$ after commissions.  I don’t see me not keeping this premium.  Happy valentines day.